Sunday, 7 September 2014

Challenge Day 7: Who was, or is, your most "inspirational" colleague?

Do I have to pick one? Hopefully not and anyway who says that I "must" obey the rules!!!

Different colleagues have inspired me in different ways, at different times in my professional life and have subsequently influenced different aspects of what makes me "me" as a teacher, or leader of learning. Starting out in the workplace I recall observing people at work and parts of what they did or how they operated really resonated with me so I tried to emulate them in my own way. One colourful example would have to be the zany American guy who wore Vivienne Westwood bondage trousers in the 1990's and drew the most phenomenal freehand working drawings (or flats) of garments. I still try and emulate this today. 

Another "inspirational" colleague would have to be my immediate "boss" when I had my first managerial role many years ago. I really responded well to his management style. He trusted me to follow my instincts but I could ALWAYS approach him if ever uncertain about how to deal a particular challenge or needed advice and he always listed to ideas for new initiatives. Looking back I realise that I really valued the level of trust he had in me, his willingness to be the guide on the side and his open door policy. Additionally, he was easy to talk to and get along with.

There are colleagues that currently inspire me on a day-to day-basis. Do I have to name them?
They would have to be (in no particular order):-
Sheree, my DP. She inspires me with her leadership style and helps me move forward, reminding me to stick to my core values and beliefs in my role as "Team Leader"
Rashida, "Team Leader" of my sister "Learning Community". I just love the way she can soooo succinctly verbalise what needs to be done and why by looking at the facts. She's the scientist whilst I have the creative brain that, if photographed would look like a scribble. She inspires me to be more succinct.
Kimberly aka @MissesArtech at Taupaki School. What she accomplishes with her intermediate students (and younger) with e-textiles, makering and tinkering is truly awesome. If only I had that freedom in my space.......I'm working on it!
Stephen aka @GeoMouldey. His blogs, his teaching approach and his enthusiasm is awe inspiring. One day I hope a smidgen of his greatness will rub off on me
Kelly, my mad scientist, dog lady or mad dog lady, scientist colleague. Talk about embracing new technology. Wow! Someone show's her a new app and it's in her lesson first the next morning!

To sum up.......I'm blessed to be working with so many inspiring people - some I see everyday others I have to stalk on twitter!!!!!

PS: Can anyone help? I wanted to hyperlink(?) the twitter handles mentioned. Is this possible? Am I missing something basic?

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