Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Day 24 - Which learning trend captures my imagination most? Why?

" the best laid plans o' mice an'  men, Gang aft agley"  ......and those of teachers too!

The words of the Rabbie Burns are so apt for describing the last couple of weeks and my great plans for blogging daily!

What has got in the way of my blogging? 

Sickness: A nasty bug that has lingered for over 2 weeks and put paid to accomplishing anything other than what  was absolutely necessary

Study: I'm currently completing a Post Graduate Certificate in Applied Practice (as part of the first ever intake) through the Mindlab and Unitec. I love the course; so inspiring and expanding my practice no end. This too, has usurped my blogging attempts.......

and most importantly

My Students: Isn't that what I am here for? The students in the learning environment are what MUST always come first and will always be the number one priority.  Of course all PD that occurs formally and informally,  through our digital networks, is undertaken to better help our students learn but it mustn't come at the price of arriving to a session ill-prepared. 

Given the above, something had to give and it was the 30 day challenge.

Oh yes! The Day 24 question.....

A learning trend that has captured my imagination is "design thinking". I have been fortunate enough to attend two sessions, one through Mindlab and the second led by Di Cavello at HPSS. This has led me to exploring the work of IDEO and and I can't wait to implement it into my learning environment.  It is going to be a fantastic process to use with my product design students, particularly when they are defining issues and identifying the needs of their key stakeholder. I can see it being invaluable to students as they embark on their Impact Projects. But it doesn't only have to be the students that reap the benefits as design thinking could  also be used to generate ideas and problem solve within the department or even within the school. 

I've just learnt today that I will be running some staff PD sessions on design thinking next term so l had better stop blogging and start researching..........

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